Handmade Wood and Epoxy Gifts and Items

Thirty Two Wood Designs evolved from a hobby, to a passion, and now an opportunity to share. I always loved the beauty and simplicity of wood and the art of woodworking. Officially formed in 2019, this project started in 2018 when I moved from Key West, FL to Groton, CT as an outlet for my energy, creativity, and need to do something with my hands during the long winter months.

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Develop products which explore new tools and techniques, work with multiple mediums, and provide beautiful items for home decor, gift giving, or elegant utility.


Product features

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Reclaimed and Recycled Wood

Whenever possible, we use wood that is sourced  locally and reclaimed.  All of our oak comes from reclaimed fencing from southeast Connecticut farms. Our maple, cherry, and walnut is all from local sources.


100% Handmade

We are not a big or mass production shop.  Each piece is handmade and unique.


Environmentally concise and food safe

All our epoxy is low-VOC.  Any epoxy used in a product which could come into contact with food is food safe.  All of our cutting boards, serving trays, and coasters are finished with an FDA compliant blend of oils (Coconut, Mineral) and Beeswax.